5 tips for a successful employer branding strategy

5 conseils pour améliorer sa marque employeur - Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement

The employer brand represents the image that employees but also job seekers have of a company. Taking care of the employer brand is an HR marketing strategy in which the company must highlight its corporate culture, values, mission, etc. The aim is to attract and recruit new candidates, reduce staff turnover while differentiating itself from the competition.

According to a LinkedIn study, a strong and well thought-out employer brand can reduce a company’s turnover by up to 28% and can even reduce recruitment time by half. It is therefore no longer necessary to prove that a strong employer brand is necessary for the smooth running of your recruitment!

Here are our 5 tips for improving and developing your employer brand to achieve your HR objectives.

1. Take a step back

It’s important not to stick with what you think you’ve got, but to take a step back from what you’re currently doing! Indeed, it is quite possible that some of your current processes are damaging your employer brand without you even knowing it!

To get a better understanding of the positive and negative elements, several processes can be put in place. You could, for example, carry out an audit of your employer brand, conduct a study of the candidate journey you offer or organise a discussion group. In this way you can improve your employer brand by highlighting your strengths and working on your weaknesses.

2. Employees = Ambassadors

Candidates want to know what it’s like to work for your company! To do so, your employees are your best friends. Your current employees are your ambassadors, your spokespersons. Let them talk about their experience, about what it’s like to work for your company on a daily basis.

In this way, you meet the expectations of candidates and you also involve your employees in this process. Your employer brand really has an impact when it is carried and shared by your employees.

3. Focus on your job advertisements

Your job advertisements give your candidates a good idea of your company culture. The writing style, the tone, the information given can influence a candidate’s opinion of a company, as we explained in this article.

4. Social networks

According to a study by Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers use social networks when searching for a job. It is therefore inevitable for companies to use these different media during their recruitment campaigns and even throughout the year!

An employer brand is a continuous process! In addition to sharing attractive offers on your different accounts, you can share content created by your ambassadors or related to your different commitments (sustainability, diversity, etc.). This will bring visibility to your brand while improving your image.

5. Candidate experience

A positive candidate experience is also part of a better employer brand. Indeed, if candidates do not have a good experience during the recruitment process, this is likely to impact the image of the brand and therefore its employer brand!

According to a study by R. Walters, 78% of candidates decide not to accept an offer if their candidate experience was negative! Working on the candidate experience is therefore essential to improve your employer brand.

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