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Beehire mixes marketing and recruitment to help companies and recruiters attract the best profiles and hire them efficiently and effectively.

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Collect applications in a few clicks

Give more visibility to your job offers. Post on 1000+ job boards, social networks, with a QR code and more.


Automatically pre-qualify your candidates

Receive pre-qualified applications based on your criteria, with matching scores and candidate videos. Identify the best ones, faster.


Centralize and simplify candidates management

Centralize candidates, documents and communications. Manage your recruitment more easily, alone or as a team, with a just one tool.

Beehire integrates with other tools and services

Beehire integrates within your application ecosystem for complete workflow management: HRM, ERP, analytics, or other environments.


One tool to manage your employer brand and your entire recruitment process

More than 60 features help you find the best candidates and hire them quickly and effectively

Logiciel de recrutement


Post your job offers, evaluate and communicate with candidates, schedule and hold interviews, and much more from one centralized location.

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Employer brands

Stand out by giving the best candidates experience possible. Differentiate your company and attract the best talents with our comprehensive employer branding features.



Post your offer to more than 1000 free and premium job boards, right from Beehire. Take advantage of reduced rates from our partners.

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We’ve worked closely with our customers over the year to figure out the best way to apply your employer brand, resulting in a great candidate experience that helps you recruit quickly and easily with Beehire.

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Easy team collaboration

Invite recruiters, managers, and other members of your team to work and manage candidates and offers together.

A complete view on recruitment

No more multi-tool-multi-tabs ways of working. Do everything from the centralized Beehire interface.

What our clients are saying

Beehire helps me centralize all my candidates right from one and the same platform. Using it I'm able to manage candidatures much more quickly and saves me tons of time!

Cyrielle L.

Point Chaud

We receive an enormous amount of candidates that don't meet our criteria. Thanks to Beehire we are able to select qualified candidates much more quickly thanks to the pre-qualification criteria features.

Anne C.

Dolce La Hulpe

Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement - La multidiffusion

Created by recruiters, for recruiters

Recruitment software that evolves with you

Our hiring solution evolves every month based on feedback from our users. We adapt our recruitment software to your needs and challenges, to allow you to always be more efficient!

  • A team of experts available and ready to listen
  • Continuous improvement
  • A hiring solution always at the forefront of digital recruitment

Recruitment software, also called Applicant Tracking System (ATS), is an essential tool for every recruiter. It is used to digitize and automate the different steps in the recruitment process, and is usually a huge time and effort saver.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can help optimize how you collect and follow up candidates. It can also improve how you work with your team, boost your employer branding, and improve the overall candidate experience.

The one-way video interview is a Beehire features that lets recruiters ask questions up front that candidates answer with a video recording. The recruiter will choose the question, as well as the prep and recording time the candidate can have for their answer.

When the candidate is ready they can start recording themself and answer the interview questions (they also get a few do-overs).

With remote working becoming the norm at many companies, employers have to start rethinking their digital policies, as well as their general hiring processes. From the automation of sales processes, to video calls becoming the norm, digital is today omnipresent and inevitable in the business world.

But what about recruitment? Is it necessary, or even useful, to digitize this aspect of the business? At Beehire we are convinced that this is absolutely the case!