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Beehire, the recruiting and employer branding software with more than 60 features!

Beehire is an all-in-one software solution that helps recruiters write and spread job offers, pre-qualify candidates, and manage many (or few) applications over campaigns, all while maintaining a quality employer branding experience. Share job offers, automatically pre-qualify applications, and meet your candidates in one place. Simplify how you recruit with Beehire.

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Create and Publish Your Job Offers Easily

Créez vos offres - Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement et marque employeur

Create, customize, and publish your job offers easily with our intuitive interface and powerful features. Maximize the visibility of your ads, attract top talents, and track the performance of your offers in real-time. Focus on what matters: finding the best candidates.

Automatically publish your job offers on multiple free job sites or those you have contracts with directly from Beehire.

Access our job site marketplace offering paid sites and channels at advantageous prices to sponsor your offers and receive more applications.

Benefit from a fully customizable and configurable career page synchronized with your ATS to highlight your offers and your employer brand.

Share your offer via a direct link or through a QR code for flexible and engaging communication of your offers.

Communicate your job opportunities to groups of candidates in just a few clicks by sending personalized emails.

 Launch a digital marketing campaign targeting specific audiences for your job offer to collect more qualified applications.

Automatically Pre-Qualify and Simply Evaluate Your Applications

Diffusez vos offres - Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement et marque employeur

Save time in selecting your candidates with our automated pre-qualification features. Quickly identify the best candidates using customized criteria and artificial intelligence. Focus on the most relevant profiles based on your own selection criteria and optimize your recruitment efficiently.

Ask written, audio, and/or video questions to your candidates and receive automatically pre-qualified applications.

Let your candidates answer one or more questions in video format and discover them beyond their resumes.

Automatically identify the most qualified candidates for your offers and automate the first contact to ensure you don’t miss out on these profiles.

Use automated workflows to save time and automatically send messages and more.

Save time by easily identifying the best candidates for your offers with a pre-selection score based on their answers to your pre-selection questions.

Use our test creation feature to administer tests to your candidates or send surveys to analyze your recruitment processes.

Easily Manage and Centralize Your Recruitments and Applications

Gérez vos candidats - Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement et marque employeur

Simplify and centralize the management of your recruitments with our recruitment software. Easily track and organize all your applications in one place. Save time, improve team collaboration, and make informed decisions faster. Optimize your recruitment process with an intuitive interface and powerful, easy-to-use features.

Define your own recruitment pipeline, step by step, and quickly and easily visualize your recruitments and their statuses.

Create your own tags and assign them to your candidates to quickly and easily filter and sort your applications, shortlist candidates to contact.

Organize your job offers simply by assigning tags to easily filter and view them.

Sync your calendar with Beehire to schedule and invite your candidates to interviews directly in just a few clicks from Beehire.

Create and assign tasks to your collaborators or yourself with automatic reminders to simplify task management.

Configure personalized and automated emails for optimal responsiveness and a flawless candidate experience.

Benefit from a dynamic candidate database, compliant with GDPR, with automatic processing and integrating powerful keyword search tools.

Communicate easily and in real-time with candidates from Beehire and avoid any loss of time and information by centralizing all communications.

Access a dedicated interface for your recruitment statistics and discover which recruitment channels are the most relevant, your average recruitment time, and more.

Quickly and easily search for the most relevant applications in your CV database with our keyword search tool.

An Optimal Candidate Experience with Complete and Engaging Customization

Personnalisez votre compte - Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement et marque employeur

Give your recruitment process a unique touch reflecting your company’s identity. Create personalized career pages, adapt your job offers to your brand guidelines, and effectively communicate your values and corporate culture. Attract the best talents by offering a consistent and professional candidate experience while strengthening your employer brand. Optimize your visibility and stand out in a competitive market with advanced customization tools.

Create, customize, and manage one or more career pages easily from our “employer brand” module.

Create personalized job offers for engaging and professional presentation to attract more qualified applications.

Strengthen your employer brand with dynamic content to highlight your values, your jobs, and attract the best talents.

Create personalized emails to communicate with your candidates. Offer a quality professional experience to all your candidates.

Need multilingual career pages and job offers? Beehire allows you to create your content in different languages and your career pages and job offers will automatically display in your candidates’ languages.

Operating with multiple brands or entities? Beehire allows you to easily manage your different brands or entities with distinct career pages and brand guidelines from a single tool.

Our Teams Are Here to Support You

Beehire & vous - Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement et marque employeur

More than just recruitment software, Beehire is also a team that listens to you from your launch on our platform to day-to-day support to ensure your satisfaction and continually evolve our platform to always meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

 We offer personalized onboarding for you and your teams to ensure a smooth and optimal implementation of our recruitment software.

Benefit from smooth communication with our services through a dedicated Beehire expert to ensure optimal follow-up and satisfaction.

Enjoy professional and responsive support services ensuring optimal follow-up of reported issues for effective resolution.

Enjoy personalized support, from the implementation of our recruitment software to the continuous optimization of your user experience and that of your candidates, to ensure your satisfaction.

Simplify how you recruit with our all-in-one tool

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