Our 4-steps guide to build an Onboarding Process🤝

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It’s estimated that 20% of companies do not have any particular process when it comes to integrating new employees. However, we know that the first steps of an employee within his new team are decisive for his future in your company.

That’s where Onboarding comes in: the process of integrating and supporting a new employee.

You are probably wondering “how does one go about implementing this process”?

Here are the 4 essential steps (at least, according to the Beehire team 😉 ) to set up an effective onboarding process!


The Onboarding process doesn’t start on the day your new employee arrives, but well before that. Indeed, it is important to ensure that you maintain a relationship with the candidate after he has accepted your job offer.

If you don’t keep in touch, there is a risk that the candidate may feel left out or may backtrack. It’s therefore up to you to reassure him and give him confidence before he takes up his position.

To make sur they can anticipate their arrival as well as possible, you can, for example:

  • Send them their signed contract before their arrival date.
  • Send them an email with various elements allowing them to immerse themselves in their future environment.
  • Ideally, organise a meeting on neutral ground with members of your team.


Secondly, it’s essential for the integration of your new employee to inform the relevant teams of his arrival. Otherwise, the first day can be quite unpleasant.

An e-mail informing his team and the various administrative departments of his arrival, will prevent any discomfort on his arrival.

Once the managers have been informed, it’s important to involve them in the integration process in order to discuss with them the various arrangements to be put in place: are there specific materials to order ? A training to be planned?


Afterwards, you must make sure his workspace is ready, functional and that nothing is missing.

Ask yourself the right questions:

  • Is his computer configured?
  • What supplies does he need?
  • Does he have access to the network and the various apps and softwares?
  • Etc…

Having a workspace ready the d-day, shows your new employee that his arrival was expected and that all the necessary supplies are available for the start of the job.


Finally, in order to support your new employee throughout his integration, you can also set up a mentoring system.

Designate a mentor/guardian to support him throughout his first steps. Thanks to his seniority and experience, this tutor will be able to create and facilitate the social link with the new team, as well as passing on all the company’s cultural norms.

Having a contact person to turn to is a real plus for the integration of your new employee. This mentoring system is also beneficial for the tutor, who feels valued because he shares his experience.

Would you like to establish an effective onboarding employee, right from the early stages of selection?

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Do you want to optimise your onboarding process,
right from the early stages of selection?

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