Candidate Sourcing & Multichannel Diffusion: How to select the best recruiting channel?

choisir canaux recrutement

Congratulations on crafting a new job opportunity! However, the challenge lies in determining the most effective channels to reach potential candidates. Identifying the optimal recruiting channel for candidate sourcing and implementing a strategic multichannel approach are pivotal in attracting top-tier talent. Join us in this article to discover how to select the best recruiting channel.


Optimizing recruitment channels

Strategically choosing candidate acquisition channels stands as a pivotal aspect of any effective recruitment strategy and process. It demands thoughtful consideration and analysis. This involves ensuring clarity and definition in the selection of job sites, networks, and media tailored to each specific job opening and the desired candidate profiles.
This preliminary research becomes the key to not only maximizing both qualitative and quantitative returns on applications but also identifying and attracting top-tier talent. Therefore, the essential elements include ongoing analysis and meticulous tracking of recruitment sources.

Upon completing this analysis, you gain insights into the most relevant and effective channels for advertising your job openings. This empowers you to invest your budget intelligently, thereby maximizing your return on investment.


The benefits of recruitment software like Beehire

Beehire is a recruitment software that helps you to attract, delight, and hire the best candidates. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) also allows you to multi-post your job openings from a single platform, with just a few clicks. Beehire empowers you to create and distribute your job listing across various job sites in moments, providing a comprehensive view of candidate acquisition channels.

Furthermore, Beehire enables you to share the same job listing across multiple recruitment channels, such as LinkedIn or Stepstone, while consolidating all received applications in one place. This allows you to seamlessly track your sources alongside the volume and quality of incoming applications.

Moreover, by utilizing Beehire, you gain the ability to systematically track and identify the sources of your candidates. An ATS like Beehire enables you to pinpoint the source of each application or visualize sources based on the specific job listing. These collected data points enable you to analyze and better understand how candidates discover your job opening and which channels prove most effective.


Types of recruitment channels

General Job Boards

These platforms, like Stepstone or Monster, are numerous but somewhat declining given the job market’s challenges. Recruiters and employers may find it challenging to stand out on these sites, where numerous job listings compete for attention.

Institutional and Governmental Job Sites

Free platforms such as Pôle Emploi, l’Apec, Actiris, or le Forem fall into this category. Each country has its share of free institutional sites, which are generally essential, although their quality may vary from one country to another.

Job Aggregators

This category has become indispensable in the recruitment landscape. Sites like Indeed, Jobrapido, or gather job listings from various sources, systematically and automatically centralizing them on their platforms. Sites like Indeed have become essential for publishing job openings.

Specialized Job Boards

Specialized job boards focus on specific job categories, such as marketing or IT. Examples include ICTjobs for IT-related positions or Welcome to the Jungle for startup job listings. Numerous dedicated sites cater to specific roles, allowing for more targeted outreach to candidates and job seekers based on their specific needs and offers.


Application Channels and Candidate Experience

Selecting the right recruitment channels also entails considering the candidate experience. Indeed, the quality of the website and user experience can significantly influence the volume and quality of applications. However, it is crucial to note that the most significant aspect of the candidate experience lies in the experience provided and implemented by the recruitment software.



This article has illustrated the multitude of recruitment channels associated with sourcing and multi-posting. These sources vary in quality, making the thoughtful selection of the best recruitment channels imperative. Considering the outcomes of previous job postings can be instrumental in making informed decisions. A recruitment software can aid in this process by consolidating all statistics related to the sources of your candidates in one centralized location.

If you aim to leverage Beehire to disseminate your upcoming job openings across a wide array of channels, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. Beehire is poised to assist you in maximizing the reach and impact of your recruitment efforts.

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