6 key steps to succcesfully welcome a new employee

Réussir l'accueil d’un nouvel employé en 6 étapes clés - Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement

This is probably the most expected day for all: the arrival of your new employee! Your Onboarding process is ready, now it’s time to welcome your new employee properly.

This is a very important step, because during this stage the new employee will create a first impression of your company. The more you prepare the new employee, the more comfortable and legitimate he will feel to be part of a new team. His adaptation and his taking up their new position will therefore be quick and efficient.

It is at this point that they will consider projecting themselves within the company. Successful integration therefore avoids any hasty departure.

Needless to say : this first day is crucial. Here are our tips for welcoming your new employee!

The different stages of integration

According to Tim Campos, if there is no interest in the company in the first 45 minutes, the integration will not work.

So offer to the new employee a reassuring and familiar environment from the moment he arrives. It is preferable that the people who recruited this employee are present for their first day of integration.

1) The onboarding meeting

Start with an Onboarding meeting in which you will be able to :

  • Transmit the information and documents necessary for him to take up his position.
  • Present the exact missions and expectations of the position
  • Communicate corporate standards and values

It is also during this Onboarding meeting that you should be extra carerful and answer all of his questions.

2) The visit of the company

Follows the visit of the company and its various departments. Also take time to introduce him to his staff, the people with he will be exchanging ideas with, but above all his future team. Having you as an intermediary during these presentations can only be reassuring for the employee.

3) Settling in at his workstation

Once the tour and presentations are over, show them their workspace so they can settle in and get their bearings. Once again, make sure that all the elements needed to get started are functional.

4) Create a team cohesion

On the first day, it is important to break the ice and create a team cohesion. To do this, nothing better than inviting the new employee to a team lunch. To get to know each other better in an informal setting.

5) The welcome kit

You want to mark the occasion on its first day? Opt for a welcome kit with company objects to surprise your new employee while reflecting your corporate culture.

6) Long-term follow-up

The welcome and integration of the new employee obviously doesn’t stop at the first day or week: a complete Onboarding lasts several months!

It is therefore essential to keep a link with the new employee and to schedule review meetings after a few weeks and several months. For having a free speech it’s better to leave this task to the HR department and not to the line managers.

This assessment will make it possible to identify what is going well and what is not going well for the new recruit, to observe the strong points as well as the areas for improvement, in order to make the necessary adjustments. To do this, ask the following questions:

  • What works well, what is more difficult?
  • How is the contact with the team going?
  • Does the position and the tasks entrusted correspond to what he imagined?
  • Does he see himself continuing with you?
  • Are there still areas of doubt that need to be clarified?

The aim is to avoid a premature departure. The earlier you identify the difficulties encountered by the employee, the easier it will be for you to rectify the situation!

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