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candidature d'une candidate qui postule pour un post dans la production ou le manufacturing depuis un logiciel
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Attract the best candidates and strengthen your teams.

Trouver les meilleurs candidats

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Publish attractive offers and give visibility to them in a few clicks.

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Find qualified staff

Automatically sort your applications based on your own criteria.

Evaluation des candidats pour la marque employeur

Meet only the best candidates

Simply identify the best candidates and move more quickly to the interview stage.

Recruit more efficiently, more simply

Spend less time searching for trained and qualified staff

Partager les offres

Publish in one click your offers on job sites, on your social networks and on your career page.

filtrer les bons candidats

Automatically sort your candidates based on your predefined criteria and meet the best candidates.

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Allow your candidates to answer video questions. Evaluate their motivation and personality before you even meet them.

Bouton de recherche pour trouver les meilleurs candidats

Find qualified staff without wasting time and simply. Don’t miss the best candidates anymore.

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They recruit more efficiently
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“The one-way video interview gave a chance to candidates who didn’t necessarily have a profile that matched our expectations on their resume. Some of them were able to stand out with their video presentation.” – point chaud

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We get a lot of applications that don’t match what we’re looking for. Thanks to Beehire, we can make a much quicker selection based on pre-selected criteria.” – Dolce La Hulpe

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