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Discover how AssessFirst can help you predict the success of your candidates in your company.
All of it, inside one recruiting solution, Beehire.

beehire x assessfirst

The Power of one of the best recruitment software
combined with AssessFirst efficiency

Combine the power of AI and the one of an ATS & employer branding modern software

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Using AssessFirst along with Beehire means:

  • Reducing your recruitment process time by 50%
  • Raise up the productivity of your new employees
  • Obtain a faster and more neutral decision-making process
  • Centralize all your recruitment process
  • Develop collaboration between employees and recruitment managers

One tool to manage all your recruitment needs

Collect, pre-qualify and centralize your applications with our ATS recruitment software


Collect applications in a few clicks

Give more visibility to your offers. Post them on 200+ job boards, your social networks, with a QR code and more.


Pre-qualify your applications automatically

Receive pre-qualified applications based on your criteria, with matching scores and candidates videos. Identify the best ones, faster.


Centralize and simplify the management of your applications

Centralize your applications, documents and communications. Manage your recruitment more easily, alone or as a team, with a just one tool.

About AssessFirst

AssessFirst is based on compartmental science and AI technologies to remove cognitive bias when recruiting. This allows you to get a better decision-making process both in your recruitment and company.

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