The best days to post your job offer!

Les meilleurs jours pour poster votre offre de recrutement !

Before digging into the article, it’s important to say that there isn’t a universal answer to this question. Some factors such as the country or the line of business can have an impact on the job offer’s success. Nevertheless, we can highlight some correlations.

The best days to post your job offer

Even though various factors can impact your job offer, we notice that job offers tend to be more popular when they are published between 8 AM and 11 AM. Multiple studies, including a 2021 one from LinkedIn, show that a job offer posted on the platform on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday morning will get better exposure.

We also notice that on these particular days, more candidates are active on job boards. No specific study was conducted in terms of which hours work the best on job boards, however we can think of a few benefits to posting in the morning, such as having a job offer visible all day long. Therefore, you would have a larger reach, and an early bid advantage as some people start their day by browsing job boards, leading to a potential faster hiring as you can start reviewing applications as soon as they come in.

Looking at data from our own platform confirms the trend: we noticed that more candidates tend to apply on Monday and Thursday. In fact, those two days accommodate almost 48% of job applications in a week.

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