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Discover the powerful features of our all-in-one recruitment software

Post jobs, automatically assess your applications and meet your candidates, all in one place. Simplify your recruitment with Beehire.

Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement

One-way video interview

  • Let your candidates answer video questions and discover them beyond their resume.
  • Evaluate their motivation and soft skills from the very first stages of your hiring process. Save time by meeting only the best candidates.

Live interview

  • Offer more flexibility to your candidates by meeting them by videoconference.
  • Centralize your interview notes, feedback and assessments within the tool.
  • Recruit remotely and offer an innovative digital candidate experience.
Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement
Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement

Pre-selection et matching

  • Customize your application forms (CV, portfolio, multiple choice questions, cover letter, video questions, linkedin profile, etc.).
  • Automatically assess your candidates based on your predefined criteria. Let our algorithm do the work and collect pre-qualified applications.


  • Collaborate simply and make better decisions as a team.
  • Communicate with colleagues in real time, thanks to the live chat dedicated to each candidate.
  • Centralize your recruitment data in one place. Don’t lose any more information by multiplying collaborative tools.
Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement
Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement

Simplified candidate management

  • Easily Manage the status of your candidates, for an optimal follow-up.
  • Save time by using bulk actions. Send emails, move applications, assign a status to them or archive them with one click.
  • Centralize all information related to your applications. Easily store your CVs in a GDPR-compliant manner.


  • Get a dedicated career page and give more visibility to your job offers.
  • Post your ads in 1 click on more than 100 job sites, on your social networks and on your career page.
Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement
Beehire - Logiciel de recrutement

Career page

  • Create your career page in one click. Integrate it directly on your own website.
  • Fully customize your career page and promote your employer brand.
  • Present your company on video. Give candidates the opportunity to discover your company and the opportunities you can offer.

Simplify your hiring process with our all-in-one tool

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