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Beehire integrates within your application ecosystem for complete workflow management: HRM, ERP, analytics, or other environments.


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Give more visibility to your offers. Post them on 1000+ job boards, your social networks, with a QR code and more.


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Centralize and simplify

Centralize your applications, documents and communications. Manage your recruitment more easily, alone or as a team, with a just one tool.

Why boost your employer brand?

Your company has a voice that is expressed through its brand. Show it off! Make your job offers more attractive and attract qualified candidates by making your employer brand work for you during every recruitment campaign.

Collect more candidates

Showing off your employer brand means candidates quickly associate with your corporate values, getting you more and better candidates for the job.

Attract the best talents

A coherent and consistent employer branding approach gives a positive impression and attracts the attention of better candidates.

Distinguish yourself from the competition

Beat the competition by properly applying your employer branding to all your HR activities.

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The Employer Branding suite

Take advantage of an all-in-one recruitment solution that comes with a complete and easy to use Employer Branding suite for a coherent and uniform application of your brand throughout the recruitment process.

Bespoke Career Page

Centralize your offers on a career page completely branded along your company’s lines. Introduce your company and your values on this page through video and rich imagery.

On-Brand Job Opportunities

Easily create dynamic job opportunities with your colors, logos, videos, etc. Make them attractive and detailed with more than just simple text.

Introduction Video

Stand out from the competition by introducing yourself, your offers, and the company in a short video that makes candidates want to sign up right away.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is everything related to extending your corporate brand to your HR activities. This is not just using the right images, logos, and colors, but also your corporate values and norms. It gives prospective employees an impression of what you stand for, and to an extent what it will be like to work at your company.

A positive first impression of a company has a lasting impact on a candidate, and good employer branding goes a long way in helping this! According to CareerArc, 75% of active job seekers take employer branding into account before applying for a job.

Beehire helps you give prospects a positive first and lasting impression by automatically applying your employer branding in a coherent and consistent manner across all your recruitment assets.

The candidate experience is the overall opinion that a candidate has about a company’s recruitment process: from the responsiveness to their application to the quality of the finer details such as employer brand assets throughout the process. Candidates begin forming an opinion from the moment they hear about your job opening and it continues until that person is integrated into the company – or is informed that they did not get the job.

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A compelling employer brand strategy is essential for attracting and retaining top talents in today’s job market. Your company’s culture, values, and benefits can be highlighted in a captivating message using the recommendations in this article. Remember that developing an employer brand is an ongoing process, so it’s essential to continuously evaluate and improve your message. By doing so, you can distinguish your company from its competitors and enhance the candidate experience to attract the best talents.

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A strong and well-defined employer brand is absolutely crucial in today’s job market! You can attract and retain the best candidates by highlighting your company’s culture, values, and benefits.

Recruitment software enables the implementation of communication elements designed around the employer brand to attract top candidates. This involves presenting the company authentically with testimonials from employees and their day-to-day experiences in their roles. It also provides simplified access to employees, making it easy for candidates to engage with them and gain a better understanding of their roles and experiences within the company.

Employer branding represents the image that both employees and job seekers have of a company. Nurturing your employer brand is truly a human resources marketing strategy in which the company should invest to showcase its corporate culture, values, mission, and more. The goal is to attract and recruit new candidates, reduce turnover among staff, all while differentiating itself from other companies.

According to a LinkedIn study, a strong and well-developed employer brand can reduce a company’s turnover by up to 28% and even cut recruitment time in half. It is therefore beyond doubt that a strong employer brand is essential for the smooth running of your recruitment process!

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