7 steps to improve your candidate experience

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According to APEC, 41% of recruiters consider candidate experience to be one of the three major challenges for the next three years. It is therefore crucial for companies to take into account the feelings of candidates when developing their recruitment process and HR strategy. In today’s article, we share with you 7 steps to improve your candidate experience and find the ideal candidate!

Define your ideal candidate

Knowing the expectations of your candidates is a considerable advantage! By defining the profile of your “ideal candidate”, you will have a better overview of the skills and experience that are necessary for the job. More importantly, you will become aware of their expectations regarding their candidate experience!
By anticipating their expectations, you can adapt your recruitment process and improve your candidate experience.

Simplify your application process to improve your candidate experience

A 2022 study by CareerBuilder found that 50% of companies believe that a long application process is a good thing. From their perspective, this allows them to sort candidates based on their motivation. However, the same study found that 40% of candidates are more likely to abandon a process that is too long or complex. To not miss out on your ideal candidate, prefer a simple, easy, and appropriate length process!
To do so, you can use recruitment software like Beehire, which allows for a smooth, mobile-friendly process, while also collecting rich data about candidates and offering them a positive candidate experience.

Personalize communication according to the candidate

According to a study by Glassdoor, “77% of candidates expect to hear back from employers after applying, even if it’s just a brief acknowledgment of receipt”. It is therefore essential to maintain communication with your candidates throughout the recruitment process. However, simple email automation is not enough! Personalization is also very important.
This will make your process more human, and candidates will know that they are communicating with a real person. This can only be beneficial for your candidate experience and employer brand.

Create an immersion in the job

What could be better than being able to observe a candidate’s behavior in action? Offer them the opportunity to perform the job they are applying for. To do so, you can for example invite them to shadow a current employee in the role they are applying for (job shadowing) or assess them with a skill test.
This will also allow them to have a better idea of your company culture and to better understand what is expected of them if they were to land the available opportunity. This way, you can also give constructive feedback to your candidates based on their experience in performing the job.

Improve your candidate experience by giving and asking for feedback

73% of candidates are expecting feedback after applying for a job offer, according to a 2023 Glassdoor article. According to another article from them, the same company, 78% of candidates never receive answers or feedback after applying, which leads to an awful candidate experience. It is essential to give positive or negative feedback to your candidates. They will understand why they were not chosen and know what they need to improve for the future. By keeping in touch with them even after the end of the process, their candidate experience will be improved.
Don’t forget to ask for feedback from candidates! You will gain knowledge about the weaknesses of your recruitment process and the expectations of candidates. This way, you can improve your candidate experience.

Streamline the candidate experience through technology

Technology can greatly improve the candidate experience by automating repetitive tasks and providing a seamless experience. For example, using a chatbot to answer candidate questions or sending automated reminders can save time for both the candidate and the recruiter.
Additionally, using video interviews can give candidates a more personal touch, while also reducing the time and cost associated with in-person interviews. By using technology to improve the candidate experience, you can attract top talent and stand out as an employer of choice.

Measure and analyze the candidate’s experience

It is important to regularly measure and analyze the candidate’s experience to identify areas for improvement. You can do this by sending surveys to candidates after the recruitment process or by analyzing data from your recruitment software. By measuring and analyzing the candidate experience, you can identify pain points in your recruitment process and take steps to improve them. This will not only improve the candidate experience but also lead to better recruitment outcomes and a stronger employer brand.

Improving the candidate experience is an ongoing process that requires regular evaluation and iteration. By following these steps, you can create a candidate experience that attracts top talent, improves recruitment outcomes, and strengthens your employer brand.

Would you like to improve the candidate experience while facilitating and centralizing your recruitment process?