Feature focus: Job board Marketplace

an illustration of the posting marketplace along with the title of the blog article

Beehire already encompasses over 60 features that help make recruitment simpler and more effective. Today we’re focusing on one of the more powerful features: The Posting Marketplace, a great way to achieve a much larger reach for your job offer by instantly posting it on many premium job boards.

Multiposting: post your job offer instantly to hundreds of sites!

In the old days, recruiters had to go to many job boards one by one to get their job offers posted on the platforms. It was a time-consuming process that also required following up on the job posts on multiple platforms.

The Posting Marketplace extends Beehire’s approach of centralizing how you work by giving you access to hundreds of job boards right from the convenience of the app. Simply navigate to a campaign you’d like to post, select “Posting Marketplace” on the top right, and choose to which premium job boards you’d like to send your job offers.

Beehire’s Posting Marketplace: Premium posts at discounted rates

An added bonus to working with Beehire as opposed to other systems is that we share our reduced partner fees with our customers. This means it’s not just easier and faster, but also cheaper to post using Beehire than going to the job board itself.

Besides one-off purchases, formulas, and package deals also exist to make things more efficient. If you already have an existing contract with one or more media outlets or job boards you can apply for these current contracts through Beehire (though you won’t be able to take advantage of our reduced fees this way).

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