Employer branding: How to continuously evaluate it ?

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Working on your employer brand and devoting a specific strategy to optimizing it is important. It’s just as important to evaluate it on an ongoing basis to ensure that it evolves and remains solid over time!

Employer branding, a never ending work 

Employer branding can be a real work in progress, with many hours spent defining it and then many hours spent translating it into concrete actions. However, efforts to create a sustainable employer brand should not stop at simply defining and implementing it. It is also necessary to be able to measure the tangible returns through the monitoring of key indicators, and to put in place processes to track its development and how it is perceived by the people who are most affected by it – the applicants.


1. Define who is responsible for evaluating the employer brand

Some companies dedicate teams or set up working groups dedicated to monitoring and managing their employer brand, often with a mix of people in charge of recruitment and those responsible for marketing and communication.

2. Strengthen your employer brand with recruitment software

You can also use recruitment software to strengthen your employer brand. It will also enable you to evaluate concrete elements, as explained above, by monitoring key indicators such as the number of visitors to your careers page, the number of clicks and the conversion rate of your job offers.

3. Collect feedback from your candidates

Adopting recruitment software will also enable you to collect and evaluate feedback from your candidates on their application experience. As the candidate experience is an essential element of any employer branding strategy, collecting feedback from your candidates so that you can continuously improve your candidate experience is crucial. There are a number of features that can help you do this, and they should not be overlooked when choosing recruitment software.


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Some useful definitions:

Recruitment software – ATS: 

Recruitment software is a tool used by recruiters to digitize and automate the various stages and tasks involved in the recruitment process. The main aim is to save time.

Employer brand:

A company’s employer brand is more precisely its reputation and image in the eyes of employees and potential future employees.

According to A. Duroni, an expert in human resources, the employer brand is developed on the basis of 3 dimensions:

  • Employer identity: the company’s mission, values, culture, working environment, etc.
  • Employer image: the image that current and former employees have of the company
  • Employer reputation: the opinion that people outside the company have of it.

Developing your employer brand therefore involves working on these 3 dimensions. Employer identity is the central core that influences the other two aspects. The opinion that employees form of a company is based on their day-to-day experience. In other words, the working environment, the atmosphere within the company, which is influenced by its values, but also its culture.

Candidate experience: 

The candidate experience represents the general opinion that a candidate has of a company’s recruitment process. The creation of this opinion begins the moment the potential candidate hears about your job offer and ends when that person doesn’t get the contract or in the opposite case completes their onboarding within the company.

Developing the candidate experience is a real step in HR marketing. Indeed, a candidate who has no follow-up to their application, and therefore a relatively negative candidate experience, is 3.5 times less likely to apply again to that company. As an HR manager, you therefore need to pay attention to each stage of the candidate journey to ensure that candidates have a positive opinion of your recruitment process.

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