4 tips to reduce your recruitment time

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Between 2015 and 2023 in Europe, the recruitment time rose from 58.8 days to 66.6 days! This refers to the period between the decision to hire one or more new employees and the signing of the contract by the different parties. According to a recent study by Robert Halt, 65% of recruiters would miss ideal candidates because they believe this period is too long. In addition, long recruitment times can have a negative impact on your employer’s brand!
In today’s article, we share you 4 tips to implement to offer an efficient and memorable experience to your candidates!

Define the typical profile of your ideal candidate

Defining the ideal candidate for a particular role is essential to save time in the various choices you will have to make! During the creation of this typical candidate, you must take into account their motivations, hobbies, or aspirations. So, you have to go beyond their education or experience, while remaining realistic!

Once you have defined your ideal candidate, you can better target your content regarding the different offers. Whether on social networks or your own website. In addition, it will be easier for you to identify which candidates correspond to your offer and which do not.

Write a good job offer

A well-written job offer is essential to attract profiles that meet your expectations and thus save time during your recruitment process! To do this, the offer must be clear, complete, and attractive. As we explained in the article “How to write an attractive job offer?”, certain elements must be highlighted, such as salary, corporate culture, different responsibilities, etc.

Digitize and centralize your process

Have you ever thought about digitizing your recruitment process? Recruitment software, such as Beehire, exists and allows you to centralize this entire process! These softwares can allow you, among other things, to group the applications you receive (CV, cover letter, etc.), make a first selection by asking written or video questions to candidates or to organize video conference interviews, particularly useful during this period of uncertainty.

Track statistics

To have more information about your process, it is important to take a step back from what was done during your recruitment campaign. To do this, you can analyze the average duration of interviews (via phone or face-to-face), the number of applications received, the number of candidates with whom you had an interview because they corresponded to the desired profile, etc.
This way, you will have an overview of the information related to this period. In addition, you will see if there are any shortcomings and will be able to improve your process for the future recruitment campaign!

While longer recruitment times can be frustrating for both companies and candidates, they can also provide opportunities to thoroughly evaluate potential candidates and make informed hiring decisions. Companies can implement strategies to streamline their recruitment processes and reduce time without compromising on quality. This article provided you 4 tips you can do to attract and hire top talent in a competitive global market.

Would you like to digitize and optimize your recruitment time?