Boosting The Candidate Experience 10 Tips for Effective Employer Branding That Attracts Talent

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A strong employer brand is more crucial than ever in today’s cutthroat job market! You can attract and retain the greatest candidates by highlighting your company’s culture, values, and benefits. We’ll cover 10 suggestions in this article for crafting an employer branding message that appeals to candidates.

1. Define your employer brand

To build a great employer brand, you must first identify the values that your company upholds and the distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from rivals. Consider your organization’s culture, beliefs, mission statement, and the special perks you provide workers. Utilize this knowledge to develop a unified brand statement highlighting what makes your company a wonderful workplace.
For example, Holland&Barrett has the ambition to create “a place where everyone can go for vitamins, minerals, and other health products”. They have clear values that can be summarized as EPIC: Expertise, Pioneering, Inclusive, and Caring. The acronym itself also creates a positive impact-oriented word.

2. Provide a pleasant candidate experience

Stay in touch with candidates and be sure to share your employer branding message with candidates at all points of contact, not just your website and social media accounts. Maintain an application procedure that is transparent and user-friendly, and gives candidates prompt feedback throughout the recruiting process.
Beehire users are able to heavily personalize the design of the career page, which helps candidates easily find any information about the company or a job offer. The platform also includes an intuitive application experience for the candidate as well as an effective screening experience for recruiters including automation features that help stay in touch with candidates.

3. Showcase employee success stories

Highlighting employee success stories is one of the best ways to illustrate the advantages of working for your organization. Point out the accomplishments of your top achievers and demonstrate how your company has assisted in their professional development. When a new accomplishment is reached, such as an important new sale or a drop in churn rate thanks to a new strategy, sharing it and mentioning who came up with the idea will have a positive impact on your employer brand and show that you take your employees into consideration.

4. Engage, don’t buzz

Your employer branding message should be written in an appealing way that resonates with candidates. Use specific words and phrases instead of buzzwords that don’t accurately describe your company. Use language that speaks directly to your target audience and reflects your firm’s personality and values. For example, Vinci Energies is showcasing their values on their career pages, so candidates can have a first insight.

5. Highlight the benefits of your company

To draw in the top candidates, it’s important to highlight your company’s capabilities. Pay attention to the distinctive advantages that your organization provides, such as chances for professional growth, adaptable work schedules, or positive company culture. To show how these advantages have aided present employees in succeeding, use examples and tales from real life. You can explain how an employee has been working remotely for a year in another country, and how you helped them still be an effective employee.

6. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is an effective tool for enhancing your employer brand and expanding your audience. Use social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote job vacancies and your company’s culture. Support employees involvement by encouraging them to post about their experiences working for your company on social media, or by commenting and sharing the company’s news on their personal profile.

7. Monitor progress and adapt

Building an employer brand is a continuous process, so it’s critical to track progress and modify as necessary. Keep an eye on the online reputation of your company and take constructive criticism seriously. Make sure your employer branding message is consistently assessed and improved to make sure it is understood by your target audience. By having a quarterly meeting about feedback and suggested improvements you can, for example, show that you’re taking what your customers say into account. Of course, you still need to act on it afterwards!

8. Encourage diversity and inclusion

When assessing potential employers, job seekers are paying more and more attention to diversity and inclusion. Through your employer branding strategy, highlight your business’s dedication to diversity and inclusion, and make sure your hiring procedure is impartial and fair.

9. Use pictures to strengthen your message

Using images to strengthen your employer branding message may be a very effective strategy. Create visual representations of your company values and mission statement, and use images and videos to demonstrate your corporate culture.
For example, Talents Locaux is using an introduction video of the team and what they are doing as a business on their career page.

10. Gather Positive Candidate Testimonials

Collect and share testimonials from candidates who have had a positive experience with your organization, regardless of the hiring outcome. These testimonials add credibility and reinforce your employer brand, so consider sharing them on your website and social media, as well as through other marketing materials.

A compelling employer branding strategy is crucial to recruit and keep top talent in today’s job market. Your company’s culture, beliefs, and benefits can be highlighted in a captivating message by using the advice provided in this article. Keep in mind that developing an employer brand is an ongoing process, therefore it’s crucial to continually assess and enhance your messaging. By doing this, you may set your company apart from rivals and improve the candidate experience to entice top talent.

Consider adopting an applicant tracking system (ATS) like Beehire, which is specially made to help you build a distinctive candidate experience that promotes your employer brand and strengthens your hiring efforts, for even more effective employer branding.

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